About Me

The name of my blog tells you all about me a fashion lady!
My name is REBECCA KEYLA and I love embracing my body and taking care of it! I make sure to be trendy and a fashion icon by trying out different and unique styles! Whether it’s related to dressing or looks!
I make sure to make you guys of the recent trending fashion hacks and styles so that you guys do not miss out on any of the things and stay trendy!
I love doing what I plan and dream to do whether it’s about exploring new places, new looks, or new dressing!

You would see me upgrading my wardrobe every season as I make sure to stay updated about the trending things around me. In summer I prefer dressing casually and staying in comfortable clothes such as skims and shorts!
I prefer not going for a bold makeup look and fancy look but I prefer  staying neutral and basic as it reflects my personality!
I don’t know why but I am obsessed with my skin and I love taking care of it and you will surely get to know about it as I am going to post a lot about it and you will surely find something for your skin too!
Take care of yourself and stay updated!