How to Style Your Black Shorts

Black denim shorts are enough to set a style statement themselves! A basic crop tee is perfect to make black denim shorts the most prominent item of your outfit. Whenever I wear black shorts, I always go with basic tees mostly cropped in white or beige to make my shorts the star of the show. If you are planning on wearing your black denim shorts, then I suggest you opt for graphic tees and tanks from Tillys. Their wide selection of tops with intriguing graphics and designs will have your jaw dropped. I recommend going for a tank top like this. Available for $24.99, it comes in cream color and is made from 100% cotton.

1-1 O'NEILL Flower Town Womens Tank Top

Alt-tag: Cream Top

If this top doesn’t speak to your taste and you wish to get something subtler, check out this O’Neill Dancing Daisy Women’s Crop Tee available for $27.99. Made from 100% pure cotton, its fabric is light and breathable.

2-1 O’Neill Dancing Daisy Women’s Crop Tee

Alt-tag: Daisy Top

However, if you are still looking for something bold then you should opt for this Full Tilt True Loves Women’s Tank Top. Available in charcoal color and only $19.9, it will go great with your black denim shorts undoubtedly.

3-1 Full Tilt True Loves Women’s Tank Top

Alt-tag: Charcoal Top

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